2017 HRDF Claimable Training Programs Calendar in Malaysia

2017 HRDF Claimable Training Programs Calendar

We’ve released the 2017 HRDF Claimable Training Programs Calendar for the benefit of our HR Managers and Training Managers in Malaysia. We hope this training calendar is able to help you in your planning and execution towards your organisation’s training needs. DOWNLOAD IT HERE


MyFreelys Academy HRDF Training Program Benefits via “SEE System”:

  1. Simple to manage your company’s training module according to the respective department’s training needs.
  2. Easy to keep track of your future & upcoming training programs and at the same time, archives your company’s past training programs through our cloud based “Training Management System”.
  3. Earn MyFreelys Academy Loyalty Points (MALP) each time your company successfully completes a training program with us. Your loyalty points are transferrable even after you have moved on to a new company.

For more info, please email us – admin(at)hrdftrainings.my

7 thoughts on “2017 HRDF Claimable Training Programs Calendar in Malaysia

  1. Roselina Chan says:

    Please provide the following details for all training related to SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT:
    Training Period: July 2017 onwards
    Location: KL
    Detailed Course Description and Module.
    Trainer info and your company’s details.

    Thank you.

  2. Sherry Shahrom says:

    Hi! Is there a communication skills course in Bahasa Malaysia targeted for drivers and guards who particularly deal with students and parents?

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