Future Of Branding




In this age of easy entry of brands and products into the market, thanks to globalization, internet, and fast-advancing technology, it becomes more challenging than ever to sustain your brand (product, service, place, etc) in the midst of a plethora of competitive brands.

Brand and product differentiation is easily copied. Thus, it is imperative to go beyond the functional/utilitarian, and focus on the emotional and psychosocial concerns and desires of the consumers. This program will provide you with insights on how to build long-lasting, meaningful Brand Affinity via Emotional Bonding with your target customers and the public at large, and in the process build a strong brand. You will discover a whole new way of strategizing the brand, managing the brand and communicating the brand.

How Will You Benefit

Upon completion of this programme, the participants will be able to :

  • Closing sales
  • Develop profitable ,long term business relationship with customers
  • Sell more competitively
  • Increase long term profitability
  • Build rapport more effectively
  • Apply psychological selling and presentation skills
  • Use the latest presentation skills
  • After sales strategies
  • Positive mind-set

Who Should Attend

Corporate people of any level, as well as entrepreneurs and business people, who desire to get insights on the Future of Branding, so as to abandon past and existing branding practices that do not work anymore, and to adopt the new way of creating, building and sustaining strong brands, through focusing on the emotional/psychosocial concerns/desires of the consumer and public at large.


Activities-Based Experiential Learning, via:

(a) Principles and Concepts in Holistic Branding
(b) Case Discussions
(c) Creative Learning  Tools for Brand Strategizing and Brand Communication
(d) Mini Quizzes to affirm Key Learning Points
(e) Group Brainstorming
(f) Practicals, Role Plays, Presentations and Demonstrations by Individuals and Groups


  • Module 1 – Why The Need For Branding
    • What is a Brand
    • Value of Branding
    • Purpose of a Brand
    • Power of Branding
    • Hallmarks of a Most Valued Brand
  • Module 2 – Fundamentals Of Holistic Branding
    • Key Principles of Holistic Branding
    • Strategic Holistic Branding: 3 Interlinked Phases
    • Brand Strategy/Identity
    • Brand Management System
    • Integrated Brand Communication
  • Module 3 – The Future Of Branding
    • Stand Out With Emotional Connectors
    • Stay Relevant in the Face of Fast-Changing Trends
    • Build Long-Range Brand Relationship
  • Module 4 – Optimizing Brand Affinity Via Emotional Bonding
    • Personalized Brand-Customer Relationship
    • Personalized “Brand Persona”
    • Personalized “Brand-Driven” Organization
    • Personalized Brand Communication, including Brand Reputation Management
  • Module 5 – Transforming Customers Into Brand Advocates Via Emotional

    • Emotional Branding: 3 Key Principles
    • Emotional Branding: Art & Science of Execution
  • Module 6 – Stepladder To Brand Insistence
    • Brand Awareness
    • Brand Trial
    • Brand Reflection
    • Brand Retry
    • Brand Acceptance/Rejection
    • Brand Loyalty
    • Brand Insistence

Fee: RM 1,000 per pax

Loyalty Points: 1000 Points

Duration: 2 Days

Note: In-house course is available. Request it HERE


Jon Tan Swee Poh

Jon is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Business Administration in Branding. He is a Certified Global Personal Branding Strategist, Certified Awareness Before Change International Trainer, Certified Money & You Global Training Program Presenter, as well as an ABNLP International-Certified NLP Practitioner. In total, Jon brings with him over 20 years of corporate experience.Armed with management experience at international levels, and exposure in communication including branding and journalism, Jon’s training scope covers Branding including Brand Culture, Personal Branding, Persuasive Communication, Coaching & Mentoring and Transformational Leadership.He has been the International Branding Advisor to the Asia-Pacific Brands Foundation (APBF), since its inception. APBF awards the region’s most prestigious “Brand Laureate Awards” for branding excellence. He also acts as an external branding advisor for the MATRADE brand promotion grant (BPG) division, including conducting global branding programs/training under the aegis of the BPG Division.