General Questions

MyFreelys Academy Loyalty Program or MALP (in short) is Malaysia’s first industrial training provider which offers the loyalty rewards programme for Training & Human Resource Managers. This idea is incepted in 2016, with the aim to reward our clients while undergoing training with us with smart shopping, great privileges and fantastic branded gifts.

Generally Members will collect Points after registering for our Public Courses available in our platform. They can utilize the Points to redeem Gifts through MyFreelys Academy Portal. To collect Points, Members just need to upload their bank in slip to MyFreelys Academy Portal in accordance to their invoice. Points will then be recorded and updated in the members’respective eAccount.

MyFreelys Academy Membership is free. You may apply for Membership online at www.hrdftrainings.my. You will receive an email notification on your application within 24 hours from the application date.

You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours after your application is processed.

The accumulation rate of one (1) Loyalty Point is based on every RM1.00. The Loyalty Point system may be subjected to change from time to time with prior notice as determined by MyFreelys Academy

No. As soon as you have officially become our Member, you can start collecting Points when you subscribe to any of our Public Courses in our Portal.

You can request for a new password through the following channel:

 E-mail to

You will receive a temporary password within 24 hours from the process date.

You may collect your loyalty points thru our platform when you subscribe to any of our listed Public Programs there.

Yes, you will get your Points immediately after you have uploaded your proof of payment to our portal based on the invoice. Within 24 hours, the Points will be credited into your Loyalty Point Account.

You can check your Points Balance through the following channels:

There are a few methods for you to keep track of your Points transactions:

 Log on to www.HRDFtrainings.my with your login ID and Password. Click Check Points

 Contact our Customer Service Care at 03-

Generally, Loyalty Points for each transactions will be credited into your Loyalty Point Account within 24 hours upon uploading the proof or payment unto the portal. You can keep track of your Points transactions through the following channels:

 Log in to www.HRDFtrainings.my with your login ID and password. You can view your recent transactions by clicking on My Dashboard and select View My Points Transactions

 Refer to our Points Summary which is sent 3 times a year

Your Loyalty Points are valid for 5 years. You will need to make redemptions within these 5 years. After the 60th month, Points will expire on a monthly, ‘first in-first out’ basis. Example, Points collected in Jan 2010 will expire in Jan 2015.

You can keep track of your Points expiry through the following channels:

 Points Summary – which is sent to you 3 times a year. This will show you the Points that are due to expire in the next 6 months.

 Simply login to www.HRDFtrainings.my with your login ID and password to access “My Dashboard” page. Under Points Expiry Summary, click on “View expiry in the following 6 months”.


The Points Summary is sent to active MyFreelys Academy Members 3 times a year. It records Points trasactions within that Points Summary period (From last Points Summary Date to Current Points Summary Date). Your recent Points collection may not fall into this cycle but it will be reflected in your next Points Summary. You are advised to keep your receipts handy until Points are reflected in your Account.

Extra Loyalty Points are bonus Points awarded in additional to the standard Points on promotions to help you achieve your desired Gifts faster.

There are many ways to expedite Points collection. Here are some tips on how to chalk up more Points:

 Focus and plan your company’s training calendar in advance based on the Public Courses which are available on our portal.

 Share MyFreelys Academy Public Courses through your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked to gain additional loyalty point. (Eg: 1 share on Facebook =1 Point)

 Look out for offers and promotions at www.HRDFtrainings.my or call our Self-Service Phone System at 03-.

You may request to transfer your existing Loyalty Points over to your new account based on your new company details. Simply write in and provide us with a copy of your new business card as proof. Approval of this request is up to the discretion of MyFreelys Academy.

You can contact MyFreelys Academy by:

 Telephone:

 E-mail:

 Fax:

Rewards Redemption

This is an enhanced facility to MyFreelys Academy Members where you redeem your reward item(s) with a click of a mouse via MyFreelys Academy website: www.HRDFtrainings.my.

You must login to MyFreelys Academy Portal to redeem online.

i. Login to MyFreelys Academy Portal: www.HRDFtrainings.my

ii. Go to > Rewards Redemption

iii. Select the product category and redeem in Full (Loyalty Points)

iv. To add more redemption items, click the Add button. To remove, click the X button beside the item. If you have finished selecting the product(s), click Confirm followed by Proceed

v. A redemption item summary would be shown and you would also need to fill the address you want your items to be couriered to. Please note that that we do not deliver to PO Box address. Click Submit once all details are correct

vi. A confirmation page will be displayed with the updated reward point balance, redemption item with reference number, and the delivery address. You are advised to print or save the page for your reference If you are not an existing MyFreelys Academy Member, register for an online account today for FREE. Just follow the easy steps below:

i. Log into www.HRDFtrainings.my and click the LOGIN

ii. A new page will appear. At the “I am the first time user”, click Registration

iii. Enter your preferred Username and Password

iv. Read the “Terms and Conditions” carefully and click “I Agree”

v. If your registration attempt fails, please email to ibanksupport@rhbbank.com.my

vi. You can also view our online registration demo by clicking View Demo at “I am the first time user”

vii. A new pop up will appear. Click and view the demo

All Training & Human Resource Managers who have registered as MyFreelys Academy Members are able to enjoy the online redemption facility.

No. There are no charges for using this facility.

Redeemed items will be couriered to the designated address within 21 working days.

Yes you can. All you need to do is to key in the recipient address in the online redemption webpage. Please note that gifts will not be delivered to PO Box address.

Yes, reference number will be given for each redeemed item.

All gifts redeemed are not exchangeable unless gifts received are damaged or faulty and are reported within 14 days from the date of receipt. Request otherwise will not be entertained.

You must report to MyFreelys Academy using the redemption reference number(s) within 14 days from the date the redemption was made online (please note that this is only applicable to redemptions that have been received and officially processed by MyFreelys Academy).